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Result Summary of the first round of play


SPC 2012 first round league matches results  highlights are below :


Match 1 : Falcons vs. ConAgra 2 (Falcons won the match)

ConAgra 2 scored 77 runs  in 16 overs and while chasing Falcons made 78 in 14.4 overs.Excellent batting from Anil Arora and Good bowling from Sandeep P (MOM : Anil Arora)


Match 2 : Omaha Huskers vs. Warriors (Omaha Huskers won the match)

It was a High scoring game. Omaha Huskers scored 96 runs and while chasing Warriors showed a great talent and were able to make 93 in 16 overs. Fall short of four runs for the win. Excellent performance from both the teams. Warriors team really fought  like warriors till the end. (MOM : Sandeep)


Match 3 : ConAgra1 vs. Prokarma ( ConAgra 1 Won the match)

Another high scoring game. Prokarma made 95 runs and while chasing conAgra was able to reach the target in 15 overs. Good performance by Avdhoot, Anil , Rifaz from Prokarma side and Prakash, Krish, Sai from the conAgra side. (MOM : Prakash Kukreja)


Match 4 : Nebraska Huskers vs. Riders (Riders Won the match)

Riders scored 110 runs and while chasing Nebraska huskers scored 78 runs in 15.5 overs. Good batting Performance from Abdul, Vijay Krishna & Kranthi from Riders and Venkat, Hari from Nebraska Huskers. (MOM : Kranthi)



Result Summary of the second round of play


SPC 2012 second round league matches results  highlights are below :


Match 1 : Falcons vs. ConAgra 1 (ConAgra 1 won the match)

Falcons scored 66 runs in 16 overs and while chasing conAgra1 made 69 in 14 overs. Excellent performance from Pranjal, Ratish, Shankara , Akram from Falcons side and good bowling and batting  from Ashwin and Giri from ConAgra1 side (MOM : Ashwin)


Match 2 : Omaha Huskers vs. ConAgra 2 (Omaha Huskers won the match)

It was a High scoring game. Omaha Huskers scored league highest 138 runs and while chasing conAgra2  showed a great talent and were able to make 89 runs. Good batting by Imran, Khaleed,  Dr. Nazam from Omaha Huskers side and excellent fight back by Srikanth and Nagaraju from conAgra 2 side. (MOM : Imran)


Match 3 : Nebraska Huskers vs. Riders( Match abandoned due to Lincoln tournament & weather on Sunday)

Both the teams travel to Lincoln for the quarter finals matches on Saturday and were scheduled to play on Sunday evening but abandoned due to rain. Both the teams divide the points(Riders – 1 point , Nebraska Huskers – 1 Point)


Match 4 : Warriors  vs. Prokarma (Warriors Won the match)

Prokarma lost their wickets initially and were able to make 55 runs. Warriors played decisively and achieved the target. Phani & Junaid led the warriors to the win.  Hard luck to Prokarma team. I am pretty sure Prokarma are a good team combination and will fire back in the next game.  Congrats Warriors on your first win in the league (MOM : Jun aid)


Match 5 : Riders Vs. Nebraska Cricket club leather ball match( Match abandoned due to rain)

The match was abandoned after 8 overs play due to rain.



Result Summary of the third round of play


SPC 2012 third round league matches results  highlights are below :


Match 1 : Nebraska Huskers  vs. Prokarma (Prokarma won the match)
ProKarma Scored 160/16 overs against Nebraska Huskeers. Highest runs scored by ProKarma so far in the league games. Vineesh Scored Marvelous 37 and supported by Prashant Apshinge 16. Geoffrey, Nagraj, Balwant & Sunil helped prokarma to scored the highest runs in the league 160/5 in 16 Overs.
Nebraska Huskeers did not started very well and to chase such a huge target collapse on 48/10 . ProKarma: Vineesh 37, Geoff 32*, Nagraj 21, Balwant 10, Sunil 6*
Man of the Match: Vineesh
Match 2 : Warriors vs. Falcons (Falcons won the match)
Falcons Captain Zafer won the toss and elected to field. Warriors started very well with Abhilash scoring some huge Sixes & fours and supported by Phani during the first spell of the game. Falcons bowlers broke the partnership of the Warriors batsman in regular interval. In the end of the innings Vamshi blows some high boundaries to get up to a target of 105/4 in 16 overs.
Warriros: Abhilash 39, Vamshi 18, Phani 14
Falcons: Wickets Ramesh 1, Ratheesh 1, Mansumeet 1, Anil 1

Falcons started the innings with Ramesh & Pranjal. both the openers have done their job by giving a superb start to Falcons. Right on time Warrios took Pranjal caught by Sandeep. Sufyaan & Ramesh took the game from Warriors and let Falcons to the path of Victory, Anil also supported the team by quickly scoring huge six and fours and took the pressure Off from falcons. in the end mansumeet ended the innings by a boundary.

Falcons 107/3 in 14.5 Overs

Falcons: Sufyaan 27*, Anil 18, Ramesh 25, Pranjal 15,Mansumeet 11*
Warriors: Wickets David 2, Phani 1

(MOM)  Ramesh for scoring 25 runs & 1 Wicket
Match 3 : ConAgra1 vs. Omaha Huskers ( ConAgra1 won the match)

ConAgra1 (106/13.4 overs with 1 wicket down) Vs Omaha Huskers (105/16 overs all out) - ConAgra 1 Won the match. Excellent game . Omaha Huskers batting line up posted a defending total of 105 runs against good bowling of ConAgra. Ehsan, Masood and Imran batted very well and Sachin from ConAgra took 5 wickets.
While chasing ConAgra made 106 in 13.4 overs . Excellent batting by Kashif Akhtar (48 runs) and Prakash Kukreja (36 runs). Good running between the wickets by Madu Gowrikar & Prakash.  

Man of the Match : Kashif Akhtar 
Match 4 : Riders Vs. ConAgra2 (ConAgra2 won by 4 wckts)
Biggest upset of the league. Guess what..... ConAgra2 beat Riders in the SPC 2012 league matches. Riders lead by Asad Won the Toss and elected to bat first. They made a score of 76 in 13.2 Overs and were all out. Amol took 4 brilliant catches. Ashwin took 5 wickets and restricted Riders batsman to 76. ConAgra Captain Srikanth started the innings with Paresh. But within 2nd over Atik took Paresh wicket by a superb catch by Shankara. Riders bowlers Nohman, Sandeep, Atik Sheikh & Abdul tooks wickets in regular interval & took the game to the very last over. In last over 4 runs were required in 6 balls. But Ashwin hit the winning boundary and ConAgra 2 won the game in 15.2 overs.   

ConAgra 2 displayed good team work and was an excellent example of executing the planned strategy . Credit to Srikanth Krishnamurthy and a big boost to ConAgra2 to give them the momentum before the ConAgra cup tournament....... 

Riders 76/10 in 13.2 Overs;

ConAgra 2 - 77/6 in 15.2 Overs  

Man of the Match: Ashwin Dhoot for 25 runs & 5 Wickets  

Match 5 : ConAgra Vs. Nebraska Cricket club leather ball match( Match cancelled due to rain)

The match was cancelled due to rain.
Result Summary of the Fourth round of play
Match 1 : ConAgra 1 vs Warriors (Warriors won by 4 wckts)
ConAgra put into bat by Warriors scored 109/06 runs in 16 overs. Ashwin 34, Krishna 28 and Raman 22 scoring the majority of the runs. In reply Warriors chased down the score with one over to spare. Junaid 34 and Wamsee 27 runs were the main contributor.
Score: ConAgra 1  109/6  (16 overs)   Warriors 111/6 (15 overs)
Man Of The Match: Junaid for 34 runs and economical spell of 4-0-12-1
Match 2 : Omaha Huskers Vs Prokarma (Prokarma won by 10 runs)
Prokarma won the toss and scored 107/08 in 16 overs . Vinesh was top scorer with 29 runs. Sundeep bowled really well for Huskers with bowling figurees of 4-2-9-3. Chasing the target, Huskers kept losing wickets at regular interval and it was all over until Sufiyan started blasting ball and 12 runs were needed of final over. Sufiyan was the last man out trying to clear the boundary but not before contributing 32 runs. For Prokarma , Prashant bowled really well taking five wickets including the first hat ttrick of the seaon.
Score: Prokarma 107/08 (16 overs)   Omaha Huskers 97/10 (15.3 overs)
Man Of the Match: Prashant for his five (5) wicket haul.